Be like a river

It is change, continuing change, inevitable change, that is the dominant factor in society today

Isaac Asimov

The one change we cannot change is change itself. No moment, however perfect, can be maintained. Life is transition, a path; it moves us with it. . .

We are travelers on the vast and shifting sands of time. Only by being open to the fierce flow of life we find the steady current. . . Therefore, be like a river flowing effortlessly.

Be like a river, pervasive, no matter the obstacle, it always finds its course. . . A river that in its continuous flow of change, without clinging, embraces new vistas. . . open, free and generous.

Be like a river, that despite the turbulence, its real nature is always clear. . . As simple as this.

Haru Yamasaki
I am relentless change, I move, I flow and seek growth, though it is not always easy.