We often have the wrong idea that we need to be busy in order to feel that we are achieving something, that we are important. . .  This common belief, along with a time where there is an implied demand for immediacy, seems to have made us addicted to action, which sometimes -opposite to what we think- could be quite unproductive, and consumes a great amount of our energy ineffectively as well.

Creating a time to pause is important; it can be of great help to see things from a different perspective. Pausing can help us questioning and observing if our actions are leading us to our specific objective, if we have prioritized them correctly and perhaps -more importantly- if that objective is what we really want to achieve.

Pausing will also help us to create a space to calm the body and the mind so that we can resume our activities more effectively, more creatively. Pausing can be a great tool to being more productive. . .

We can all find a way to pause during the day. For example, we can step outside for a moment and walk, find and enjoy a silent place for a mini-break, stretch our body in our work place, drink a cup of tea and just notice its flavor, or maybe just be mindful of our breathing.

Pausing, paradoxically, could be the way to move forward.