The illusion of solidity

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”


We have a tendency to be afraid of the unknown and therefore, we cling on to stability, certainty, and control. We tend to continuously be seeking for solid ground, something predictable and safe to stand on. Our mind urges us to look for confirmation and escapes from the discomfort of the uncertainty of any situation; we resist change and fear impermanence. . . However, the very nature of our existence is always in flux. Impermanence and change are inescapable.

When we are aware of the impossibility that nothing remains static and permanent, we can learn to appreciate uncertainty. We can take off our armor of wanting things to be a certain way and stay open to other possibilities; we can recognize that change can be refreshing and renewing and become more intentional rather than reactive.

Be willing to appreciate uncertainty and aware that nothing has solidity by itself and everything is impermanent, give us the perfect scenario to accept the countless potentialities that exist from this moment forward. It can enhance our ability to create, to work and enjoy our relationships; it can help to cultivate the pervasive awareness needed to be prepared for facing whatever is next.