It may seem that the paradox of our present world is that, on the one hand technology has brought us closer, more aware of problems that used to be ignored within a more generalized context; and on the other hand, more isolated, self-absorbed and unable to be present for the one that is next to us. Some experts claim that the speed of technological change, tendencies such as the individualization of labor are causing a shift where aspirations and responsibilities from the larger society are being displaced to our own individual universes; a scenario of detachment, in which each of us is free to ignore our sense of belonging to a larger society.

Whether true or not, we cannot ignore that nothing exists in isolation. . . Human beings live profoundly interconnected, not only among ourselves, but with the ecosystems around us. We are interdependent of multiple external and internal conditions.

The elements of every ecosystem are part of an open system of mutual impact among their components. We can see this vital force of interconnection, from how the different natural phenomena are influenced among them, to our closest relationships and our internal world, when we see how emotions and thoughts are mutually affected.

We live influenced by diverse networks of causality. Our actions have multiplying effects beyond the direct outcomes we can easily perceive and recognize as a consequence of our deeds.

This is a principle used by different experts as a structure to explain what they observe, economists, environmental scientist, to name a few. Perhaps, reminding ourselves at the individual level that we are fundamentally connected and the fact that our actions have a cumulative impact may provide us with a sense of greater possibilities of our aspirations in a larger society.