The emotional world of entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is trendy, there are countless initiatives to create, incubate and accelerate the development of new companies. It is a subject of many arenas; different methodologies, instruments and resources that help in this process are widely discussed.

Nonetheless, it seems to me that sometimes we lose sight that starting a business is mainly a creative process and creating is a winding path full of emotions.

When somebody decides to start an enterprise, we not only require enormous courage, a sense of identity, of self-confidence; but also holding firmly the hand of resilience and not letting it go, because nobody knows what is going to happen next. Anything is possible, just as it may happen that an endeavor turns into success, it is perhaps more likely that it fails . . .  and usually we are not prepared for the fine art of failing, even though it is in vogue to speak about it.

Failure feels very raw, it makes us feel mainly vulnerable . . . but perhaps when we feel that beautiful vulnerability in our hearts a wide portal may open to transform it into creative poetry. Failures, mistakes, are the portal to creativity, to learn something new, to have a fresh look on things.

Those emotions which sometimes make us feel that rawness possess a great potential to transmute those experiences into something that really connects with other people; they create spaces where real and genuine communication start to happen, the real intention to connect with the other. . . And this opens an immeasurable dimension to learn, to recreate and try again.