The soul of words

Words have soul, or they may be a reflection of our soul when we use them. They have such a decisive importance that, for example the word kotodama, in Japanese language, refers to the belief in this culture about the indwelling power of words.

Words create realities, or perhaps I should say, they create our own perspective of reality; these form interpretations from our own point of view. When they manifest, there is no way back…

Words can build walls or vanish them; they can be precise, executive or unclear; they can create beautiful foundations, or can manipulate, divide or destroy. . . Regardless their use; they always produce a consequence and unleash an emotional reaction.

I sometimes wonder how aware we are when we use them, how much we honor them, or if we use them and think are taken off by the wind…

Haru Yamasaki
Haru Yamasaki
I am relentless change, I move, I flow and seek growth, though it is not always easy.