Let’s continue the conversation about mental well-being and productivity. . .

This week I share with you an interview in the Journalist Show “Punto y Coma”, where we continue discussing about the interconnection between mental well-being and productivity. It is in Spanish, the following points -approached in previous posts- are emphasized:

  • How global data about the impact of stress, depression and anxiety in productivity are urging us to better prioritize our mental wellness at the workplace.
  • Simple things such as opening the conversation about these problems could be a good starting point to create awareness about the topic at the workplace.
  • How organizations need to create environments that better support employee’s mental well-being and flourishment, with strategies that are easy to implement like creating more collaborative environments, fostering open communication, having clear goals and performance expectations, amongst others.
  • Also the topic of mindfulness training in organizations is discussed, pointing out that more than being a trend around mental wellness, it has shown to be a very effective strategy within organizations that has helped improving performance, productivity, leadership, decision making, creativity, making more functional environments.

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