My paths

There have been three main constants throughout my professional career: analysis and discrimination, organization and articulation.

Probably, analyzing and discriminating are a consequence of a mental structure given by an education such as engineering; however, since the beginning of my professional history I have had the task to work with many kinds of people from different countries on the creation and instrumentation of innovative mechanisms of technology collaboration. This began to expose a vital directional force towards a temperament of organizing and articulating.

My postgraduate studies, along with the Non-Governmental Organizations and Consulting world, started to delineate a path centered around the design and implementation of science and technology strategies as economic development engines both for regions and organizations. Nurturing ecosystems that favor the formation and internationalization of technology-based companies has been a main focus in this process.

I have now reoriented my vision to creating more genuine business schemes of sustainability. I have been developing tools and methodologies to spread and implement effectively the concepts of caring economy and conscious business.

My future perspective is centered on continuing working on technologies that help companies gain greater conscious about the importance of fostering superior value, conscious consumption, as well as being aware that there is not a sustainable business model without a basis of functional interpersonal relations and wellbeing inside and around the company.